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Free trial till December 15, 2018 is built into the virtual appliance. So just download and run!

Pricing Plans

Licensing is based on total number of filtered devices in your network (or users in case of terminal server deployment). Each device is assumed to have a separate IP address. Please select the corresponding license based on the number of IP addresses you need to filter and click "Add to Card". If you represent a school or another educational institution it may be advisable to get the academic license.

Free Trial Personal SOHO Small Business Academic/Educational Enterprise
Please ask for free trial at 29.99 € per year (up to 7 filtered devices).*


Personal license is for home usage only, cannot be used in businesses of any kind and does not include Active Directory integration in filtering policies!

199 € per year (up to 25 filtered devices). 299 € per year (up to 50 filtered devices). 499 € per year (per 1000 devices).** Contact to get the actual Sale Quotation based on the number of filtered devices.

Cannot use PayPal? Tell us at and we will generate the normal invoice for you.

If you have a business license and need the invoice for your payment please contact Please share the full name of your company, your postal address and registered VAT number if you are located in the European Union.

* According to the tax law of The Netherlands we must assume you are making this purchase as Dutch national and we must impose 21% Value Added Tax (VAT) on the final price.

** If the number of filtered devices/users in your academic institution is more than 1000 we would like to kindly ask you to contact for a sale quote.