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Web Filter for Squid Proxy

Active Directory integrated ICAP web filter and traffic monitor with simple Web UI running on Squid proxy server in your network.

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4.5 Release June 7, 2016

Web Safety ICAP web filter version 4.5 is released. PDF reports, latest Squid with SSL Peek-n-Splice and ability to serve WPAD and PROXY.DAT files from Web UI are parts of this version.

4.6 Release Oct. 4, 2016

4.6 release contains ability to setup authentication from Web UI, support for LDAPS protocol and Active Directory authentication using NTLM protocol without Samba as well as better policy schedule.

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4.7 Beta Oct. 13, 2016

Next version contains YouTube Strict and Moderate filtering, reporting based on Squid logs and ability to send the reports to administrator's e-mail.

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