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Web Filter for Your Network

Simple and powerful web filter for HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Get Virtual Appliance

Use Everywhere.

Simple deployment in VMware ESXi/vSphere or on your real server hardware.

At Home

Filter web browsing in your home network with ease. Assign labels to your children’s desktops, smartphones and game consoles. Configure safe browsing and bedtime policy with several mouse clicks.

In School

Use different filtering policies for teachers, staff and pupils. Protect children with help of Internet Watch Foundation prevention database. Restrict inappropriate YouTube contents, enforce safe browsing and image search on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In Business

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory and centrally manage browsing policies based on security group membership. Prohibit access to questionable and risky online sites. Allow unrestricted browsing at lunch times and strict browsing during working hours.

Feb. 16, 2017 / New Build 4.9.0 Next version of Web Safety supports transparent web filtering of HTTPS/SSL using Cisco ASA firewall or router with help of WCCP protocol and ability to automatically synchronize configuration among several filtering nodes.

Works for all networked devices.

Based on Squid, supports Active Directory integration and Cisco WCCP redirection.

Filter HTTPS and SSL Traffic

Web Safety is an ICAP web filter that directly plugs into Squid proxy. This allows it to filter URLs and do deep content inspection of encrypted HTTPS traffic. Encrypted explicit content is blocked easily.

Active Directory Integrated

Assign different filtering policies for your users based on their Active Directory group membership. All modern domain authentication schemes (Kerberos, NTLM, Basic LDAP) are supported out of the box.

Traffic Monitor and Reporting

Monitoring web traffic and build extensive reports based on Squid logs (like SARG or lightsquid). Reports include blocked users, visited sites and prohibited domain categories. Can be saved as PDF files and sent by e-mail.